Competitive advantages

  • Our belief: We believe that SiS Software Factory is an extension of our customer’s staff.
  • Human Resources: SiS Software Factory's Human Resources are carefully selected to offer outstanding performance and specialization in all fields, technologies, platforms or languages you may need for your projects.
  • Low costs in development: Our strategical location in Argentina allows us to offer high quality services at an international competitive cost. Note that salaries in our country are as low as those paid in India and China.


Mission and Values

The aim of SiS Software Factory is to assist customers in solving business problems with the help of IT tools. Our motto is to thoroughly satisfy customers so they can work effectively and seamlessly. Our expert customized software development and web application teams constantly keep three factors in mind: people, customers and quality.
SiS Software Factory has been operating for five years and has delivered a great number of successful projects, thanks to excellent communication and interaction among team members. SiS Software Factory does not operate as an individual but as a team, valuing team performance rather than individual talent. SiS Software Factory has an extensive personnel selection process and tests candidates skills in a challenging environment to continuously uphold and enlarge its large resource center of state-of-the-art professionals.

For this reason, SiS Software Factory has a number of top-notch IT engineers -the best in the industry.

We believe mutual understanding and dedication is the key to success.

Company Overview

SiS Software Factory is a dynamic and fast-growing company offering Software Development services. SiS Software Factory was set up in 1999 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in 2010 opened his first office in Miami, FL, rendering worldwide services.

Nowadays, SiS Software Factory offers its services to companies form all over the world and provides high quality services to companies of the most varied infrastructure and sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest firms.

Thanks to our highly experienced staff, we are able to offer specialized services in a large number of fields. And that is precisely how we meet our customers´ expectations and ensure the success of their investments.

Business Model

In the new fast growing economy, we realize that customers outsourcing information technology are increasingly demanding the flexibility that best serves their unique business needs. We offer a variety of flexible outsourcing business models. These outsourcing business models provide cost effective, valuable and high tech solutions.

Development Model

SiS Software Factory develops software using the Rational Unified Process (RUP), so assuring high quality final projects.
We understand the software development process as an incremental development by iterations with continuous quality control.
This philosophy comes from the idea of accepting the change as something natural and beneficial for the project.