We offer customers a valuable and outstanding service: access to innovative technology at very low costs. Our focus on e-business applications and emerging technologies provide customers with the experience required to solve current problems. Our business model offers significant cost advantages.
We design tailor-made solutions for each customer in order to widen their technological budget capacity, by lowering costs and having access to the latest technology.

We have a wide range of services to satisfy our customers’ needs in the following Business Lines:

Software Development

Services include everything related to software manufacturing, i. e.:
  • Analysis Requirements
  • Architecture and Software Design
  • Management and control of the development project
  • Software programming
  • Testing and quality assurance (QA)
  • Documentation and training of developed software, so the customer may use it freely or make changes as desired, as if the software had been internally developed by himself.
  • The customer maintains the ownership and ALL the rights of the software developed by SIS Software Factory.

Dedicated Offshore IT Staffing

Dedicated Offshore IT Staffing is a unique staff solution for small & medium sized companies which give you an option of employing skilled manpower working exclusively for you and helps to fully increment your IT needs by setting up your own offshore development centre in Argentina, with minimal costs.

Quality Assurance

When developing mission, life or business critical applications, customers need to be sure that they work properly the first time and every time. Our Quality Assurance services identify, objectively measure and report on the complexity and quality of your code at application and enterprise levels. SiS Software Factory’s comprehensive and easy to understand testing tools show what has been tested.

HR Consultant Recruitment

We provide the resources, insight and advice to help companies and individuals make the right choices.
In SiS Software Factory we offer a wide range of services for the whole employment and business cycle, including: permanent, temporary, contract and casual recruitment; employee assessment and selection; training; outplacement; outsourcing and consulting.

Release your Human Resources

Customers may use internal resources for other more important and urgent purposes.
For example, an internal Director of Projects may focus in those projects the company does not want or cannot outsource, if they let SiS Software Factory do the job.

Software Development & Reengineering Services

  • E-commerce and Web Services
  • Real time Systems and Embedded Systems programming
  • We are specialized in tailored development systems
  • Re-engineering and Systems Migration
  • Data Base Design
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and Documents
  • Digitization services

Web Development & Web Design

  • Applications and Web Sites based on ASP, .NET, Java and Activex
  • HTML, DHTML, XML and Java technologies
  • Graphic designs exclusive for each client
  • PHP/MySQL Web Applications