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We provide Institutional Electronic Trading solutions to FX Brokers, Quantitative Funds, Hedge Funds, and Quantitative Research teams, having a direct impact on their profitability.

We also help these funds to setup their trading infrastructure and allow them to be competitive in this arena. Algorithmic Trading and Electronic Trading

Focused on Real-Time data, High-Frequency Trading (HFT), ultra-low-latency, and scalable systems for Equities, Options & Derivatives, Futures, and Forex markets.

For over two decades, we’ve helped businesses to craft honest, emotional experiences through IT strategy and software development.
Our team of consultants will make sure to provide the right balance between skills and work.

How did we start?

We started back in 1999 with just two employees working as independent consultants and two local customers.

Nowadays, with headquarters in Miami, FL, we offer services to customers from all over the world providing high-quality services with the most varied infrastructure and sizes.


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Quantitative Finance Software & Services for Institutions


Quantitative Development
Electronic Trading Solutions
FIX | FAST | ITCH Protocols
Strategy Coding
High Frequency Trading solutions (HFT)
Algorithmic Trading
High performance computing
Low Latency systems

Data Visualization

Crunching your local data or from any external sources, we will be able to create analytic solutions, including dashboards, reports, etc.
Pre/Pos Trading Analytics
Position Analytics

Advisory Consulting

We understand the #fintech industry.
We will advise in best practices
We will coach your team
Electronic Trading executions
Algorithmic trading solutions
High-Frequency Trading
Low Latency & High performance computing
Collocated Infrastructure


We help Research teams
Researching New Strategies
Quantitative Modeling


Quantitative development solutions for financial institutions: hedge funds, brokers, and electronic trading.


We understand the #fintech industry.
We will build your own development team
We will define and lead your software needs
We will guide you in your Product Development
We will manage your Vendors and/or Partners relations
We will shape your IT department and help in the process of finding your fulltime members
* Contact us to learn more about it. We have different packages adjusted for each organization.


We build real-time order management systems (OMS) and order blotter to manage all your order activity and the associated data.

Additionally, we also provide Smart Order Routing (SOR) solutions to increase the execution efficiency and lowering the market impact.


We provide framework solutions so you can backtest your trading ideas in any market.
From equities, foreign exchange, futures, and any derivative markets, we provide a robust toolset that will allow your researching team to work more efficiently.


Dedicated Quant Developers.
Have your own coders working in your projects, dedicated in a fulltime or partime basis.



A New York-based CTA was using several disparate excel sheets to collect market data, develop strategies, and trade. As such, there were concerns over the maintainability of the operating environment, costs, and developing new strategies.


We designed an algorithmic – electronic trading solution utilizing the latest technologies (C# WPF) for their back-office systems and developed a black-box to automate their electronic trading capabilities and allowed them to easily create and execute new strategies.

This solution provided them a 65% increment in their operational efficiencies. On the trading side, they increase profits by 25%.


A financial institution from North Carolina wanted to prove a trading strategy research done by their quantitative team. Including equities and equity derivatives, using parameters from general markets, underlying and option greeks.


We developed a custom made backtesting application to allow researchers test this system and change parameters on the fly. Deep knowledge in option trading and all strategies, combining different instruments and option greeks was needed. The result was a robust backtesting environment, with multiple parameters to fine tune their system research and achieve a successful trading strategy. After my job was done, they implemented it into a live environment.


A local High-Frequency Miami startup needed to re-install their current software into their new upgraded collocated server. Once finished, we found out that they were having huge system latencies, and why profitability was decreasing month after month.


After a deep analysis of their HFT system’s source code, we found out that, across the whole system, they were giving up profits because latencies, 80% of them because a bad software design. We decided to build a brand new system from scratch, with a focus in low latency and performance. Using C/C++ languages and making sure that every line of code were “latency proof”. Multhithreading, parallel programming, avoiding memory locks as much as possible, no databases, and a real-time dashboard to adjust all their system trading parameters. Once we put the system live, we saw a 46% increment in their profit.


Over the past 30 years, we have managed to build a solid team of software professionals that come from different backgrounds and industries, bringing unique skills to the financial industry.


Our core expertise is in building trading platforms for all kinds of markets: forex, equities, futures, options, cryptocurrencies, etc
These systems will handle high/low latency data-feeds from different sources and can run into multiple strategies at the same time.


Crunching your local data or from any external sources, we will be able to create analytic solutions, including dashboards, reports, etc.


We build highly efficient custom made matching engines for multiple cryptocurrencies.
Alternatively, we also help to find the right “white-label” solution, making sure that it will fit your needs.


Quantitative development solutions for financial institutions: hedge funds and wealth management companies.

Price Aggregators

We build the best efficient price aggregator, which will allow you:
Have a better outlook of the overall market.
Build complex strategies using different assets.
Price discovering.
Execute orders at the best prices.
Smart execution and order routing.
Avoiding slippage.


We provide framework solutions so you can backtest your trading ideas in any market.

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