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About us

What we offer

High Frequency Trading – Low latency platform with the best performance and fully customizable that will allow any Electronic Trading operation to run with a clear edge over competitors.

Our unique and proprietary system architecture allows achieving the lowest latencies in the market, offering integration with different open-source solutions, giving us the ability to provide the best in class institutional trading platform.


Since 2012, our main focus has been low latency trading systems, allowing us to work along with hedge funds, asset management funds, and investment banks.

Our solutions are fully customizable and can be fitted into any Electronic Trading operation, gaining the advantages over all other solutions in the market.


Mature platform designed to handle low latency trading since inception.

Tick to trade latency around 1-5 microseconds

Our High Frequency Trading Platform is fully customizable

Ability to fully integrate into your current infrastructure

Fully technical support service offered.

On going Advisory services offered.

On-premises installation


Capital Markets | Hedge Funds | Quantitative Trading Funds | Electronic Trading Desks | Proprietary Trading | Investment Banks | Asset Managers


Our high frequency trading platforms high-performance engines are continually optimized to endure the lowest latencies between venues and across its processes. Our solutions deliver a complete, tick-to-trade latency of 2-5 micro-seconds.

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1. Pure C++ engine, getting the best performance possible.

2. Able to run on Linux or Windows servers.

3. Optimized performance and quality of data feed.

4. Better Risk on exposures to market, reacting at market movements.

5. Better Return on Investment compared to retail solutions.

6. Seamlessly integration with third-party solutions.

Build your own strategies and models

If your team has the proper skills with C++, we can guide your team to build the strategies and models in-house (i.e. hedging, stat-arb, market-making, scalping, etc), without having to disclose any of its secrets. Otherwise, you can rely on us to give you full service and get you ready with all your requirements.

Order Management System

Ability to integrate with your current OMS, or to use the internal low latency for easy order tracking.

Our real-time order management systems (OMS) and order blotter manage all your order activity and the associated data.

Additionally, we provide an internal Smart Order Routing (SOR) module to increase the execution efficiency and lower the market impact. Smart Order Router is a crucial component of each execution. Its role is to successfully execute a chosen strategy, achieving more than just the best price.

Market access

In the quest for market access and competitive sources of liquidity, institutions are often faced with the challenge of integrating with the APIs and trading platforms of multiple dealers, brokers, and market makers. We also integrate the most traded cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our platform supports multiple protocols (including FIX, REST, WebSockets, and proprietary APIs), and our protocol and asset-class agnostic platform, enables clients to quickly onboard via their preferred messaging format.

Monitoring & GUI

Our main platform is a black-box that resides in your server without human intervention.

However, we have developed a state of the art User-Interfaces, to give traders full control over the flow, risk, and monitoring.

For that, we use our proprietary desktop application and the best open-source web-based systems (Reactive Trader), to give you the best-in-class user interfaces.


HFT Platform Monitoring System | Low Latency | User Interface | OMS
HFT Platform Monitoring System | Low Latency | User Interface | OMS

Price Aggregator

Market Fragmentation is a problem all trading institutions faces, and to gain a edge, we provide the ability to aggregate different feeds, constructing an aggregated Limit Order Book.

You can have access to the most efficient price aggregator, for any market, which will allow you to:

1. Have a better outlook of the overall market.

2. Build complex strategies using different assets.

3. Have Price discovering abilities.

4. Execute orders at the best prices.

5. Smart execute and order routing.

6. Avoid slippages.


Monthly Lease

$25K monthly
  • Ability to build complex strategies accessing market microstructure information
  • Fully customizable
  • Seamlessly integration with third party solutions.
  • Asset agnostic platform (equities, derivatives, FX, crypto)
  • On premise platform
  • Best low latency stand alone platform in the market: Tick to Trade under 5 microseconds.
  • Continuous optimization, reaching better latencies every year.
  • — one time setup cost not included —

Analytics have shown that thanks to our platform, our customers have increased profits by 30% on average. Better execution quality, and complex market data analysis among other things

Onboarding process

1. Initial discovery & scoping
2. Evaluate any customization needed
3. Setup, test, and execution
4. Guidance and coaching & training.
— usual deliveries can take between 30 to 60 days —


* HFT core system running on a collocated server
* Customizations to match your business needs.
* Initial training
* Ongoing technical support (optional)
* Advisory consulting service (optional)


High Performance

Ability to handle big volumes of data, with rates of more than +20 terabytes per day, with spikes of 3 gigabytes per second or more. This means handling 100,000-200,000 messages per second during high-volume periods.

Handling Data Bursts

Data rates of 20+ terabytes/day with spikes of 300 megabytes/second or more. The individual messages average about 20 bytes each so this means handling 100M-200M messages per second during high volume periods.


Ability to easily integrate, using common protocols like WebSocket and REST, to consume internal data (market, positions, risk) from external systems.

Clear Measures

Tick-to-trade is measured as the time between two correlated TCP packets on the wire: an incoming Incremental Market Data Refresh (FIX = ‘X’) and an outgoing New Single order (FIX = ‘D’) packet on the wire.

Tick To Trade measures | Trading System | Low Latency

Tick To Trade measures | Trading System | Low Latency

Limit Order Book operations performance

LOB operation Time complexity
Add O(log M)
Cancel/Update O(1)
Execute O(1)
Get Lowest – Highest price O(1)
Find Volume at Limit Price O(1)
Get Top of the Book Price O(1)
where M is the number of price Limits (generally << N the number of orders)


Quant trading firm needed advisory on their HFT development

Chicago-based group of quantitative proprietary trading firms specializing in global derivatives needed guidance and advisory for their engineers. They were able to cut development efforts by 60%.

Top Crypto liquidity provider built their specialized US-based team

One of the top 10 liquidity providers in the major crypto exchanges, headquartered in Hong Kong needed a technical head and a specialized team for their US operations.

Prop trading firm looking to upgrade, learn and build their own HFT

Australian proprietary trading firm looking to upgrade, learn and build their own high-speed trading system to operate with the CME futures markets.

Fintech Startup CTO gave 1 month leave notice

A fintech startup that was in its series B funding round, was losing its Chief Technology Officer after he gave them one month’s notice.

Fintech saved +60% on their overall budget

A lead fintech that provides CRM tools for the “Merchant Cash Advance” industry, was growing rapidly year after year, and with that its demand for its software.

Hedge Fund startup to setup their HFT electronic trading

Two former executives from a recognized bank decided to start a new Hedge Fund that traded electronically on the forex and futures market. 100% focused on high frequency trading.

HFT startup running operations on outdated systems.

South Florida hedge fund startup doing HFT operations and electronic trading into the institutional forex market. We came on board to do an overview analysis of their operations.

Renowned investment bank needed work on their RMS

An investment bank with headquarters in NYC needed additional help with their Risk Management Systems and the integration with their OMS


Schedule a 30 minutes free call

Is this service for you?

  • Are you looking to optimize internal inefficiencies? As your Advisor, we have a unique understanding of the workings of the internal tech environment, and highlights underperforming areas.
  • Product development is not going as planned? Quality issues, delivery dates missed, lack of features, etc.
  • Yout current CTO is (or soon will be) no longer in the picture and you need someone to keep things going until you can hire the replacement.
  • You are building a quantitative fund, and need advisory with the technology part.
  • Your current operation is already using Electronic Trading, and you have different issues (execution, slippage, misses, etc)
  • You want to coach and advise your current team to follow the best practices.
  • You are on the Buy-side and need to implement new processes for your strategies.
  • You are on the Sell-side and must improve latencies in order to be competitive.
  • Electronic Trading
  • High Frequency Trading

We are part of SiS Software Factory

Our approach

Whether you need senior leadership consulting or project-based executive expertise, our retained Advisors can provide technology-centered leadership needed to match business strategies with technology architectures. We provide consulting and advisory services across a multitude of modern technology solutions and service requirements such as cloud hosting, software as a service (SaaS), software development, on-site and offshore team management, and more.


Being one of the experienced technology consulting companies, we offer you access to executive-level technology expertise and on-demand full-time resources on a wide range of technologies and digital platforms.

The Advisory program is a unique offering where experienced technology expert specifically chosen for your business needs, works with you to ease and support IT and development initiatives, outline tech strategies and approaches according to business goals, manage technology infrastructure, tools, and teams. The technology expert works with you to support as a consulting and is accessible in your time zone, on your preferred communication channels, and in your office on-demand.

high-frequency trading platforms

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We help you to build your own high-frequency trading platforms and infrastructure

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